Bertsch, Colleen. 2018. “Roumanie: Musique du Maramureș / Romania: Music from
Maramureș.” In Yearbook for Traditional Music, Vol. 50. Tong Soon Lee, Ed. Cambridge: International Council for Traditional Music and Cambridge University Press.

Full text pdf:
YTM50_Audio Reviews

Bertsch, Colleen. 2015. “Negotiating Identities and Cultural Representations: The Practice and Patronage of Roma-Transylvanian Folk Violinist Florin Codoba.” In Central Europe (Re-)visited: A Multi-Perspective Approach to a Region, Europa Orientalis 17, ed. Marina Wakounig and Ferdinand Kühnel, 269-284. Vienna: LitVerlag.

Full text pdf:
Negotiating Identities and Cultural Representations: The Practices and Patronage of Roma-Transylvanian Folk Violinist Florin Codoba